Engaging, immersive audio to complement
engaging, immersive production.

Arden audio is an upcoming production company offering a comprehensive audio service for game developers, independent filmmakers and production companies. We are a creative technical team striving to deliver the most detailed, enthralling audio experience possible. 

From adaptive audio to ADR, from original scores to sound design, we can consult, design, produce and deliver any part of your project’s audio requirement.

No brief is too small, no budget is too big. And vice versa.

Conception, Design, Construction, Installation.

Although our services are often employed end-to-end, we can drop in and out of your workflow with ease. 

Alfred, our new mutual friend.

Alfred (Audio Logistics Framework) is our online hub for all media relating to your project.

Everything from your project's audio design documents, working guidelines and deliverable assets can be found inside Alfred's vaults.